Matawalle Begs Youths to Save Nigeria from collapsing

  • Tue Apr 06 2021


The Governor of Zamfara State, Mr. Bello Matawalle, has tasked the Nigerian youths to rise up in defence of the country to save it from total collapse.

Matawalle pleaded with the youths to begin participation in active politics and form a part of the decision makers in all the political parties across the state.

He stated “I am a youth like you and it’s high time we participate more in politics. We have no reason to hid. This country is about to collapse and the only way forward is for us the youths to rescue this country.

“There is a need for our youth to involve themselves more in politics. If we look at the population of this country, the youths are the majority. So, it is high time for more youths to come out and participate in governance so they can move the country forward.

“In Nigerian politics, once you call on youth to participate, the first question he will ask you is where will I get the money. But, they should put it in mind that they need to join a political party and be active from where they move to occupy offices.

“Like always say, our challenge as youths sometimes is ourselves – youths discouraging youths. If our youths can come together, with our number as voters, we can lead the country from the presidency down to the counsellorship.

“If our youths are actively involved in politics, they will become party executive and as such, they will be able to determine the cost of sale of forms at very affordable rates”.

He added, “As you are aware since his assumption on May 29, 2019, Zamfara State has made a tremendous investment in education and youth empowerment to safeguard and guarantee the future of our next generation of leaders of which you represent.

“Notably, among numerous other modest achievements in the said areas include a budgetary allocation of 19 per cent to the education sector, remodeling of our educational institutions, improve welfare and wellbeing for teachers, provision of adequate teaching aid.

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