Kaduna will soon stop relying on federal allocation, says Gov El-Rufai

  • Fri Mar 26 2021


Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, says in the next four to five years. the state will soon stop relying on federal allocation.

He explained that the state have made huge progress in getting more from internally generated revenue (IGR). According to him,

“In our last budget, 60 percent of our budget came from federal account and 40 per cent from IGR,” he said at the 147th meeting of the state’s joint task board.

“But the way we are going, with very hard working internal revenue service team, in the next four to five years we will get to a point where we will only go to federation account only out of courtesy not because we need the money.

“We are focused on running the government and doing development projects entirely from tax collection, we don’t want to depend on the federation account, that’s our goal.

“And when you contribute, you will see the development, you will see the result.

“This result you will see through free education, 12 years of free education not nine years like other states.

“In Kaduna, it is not just basic education, but free education for junior secondary school and senior secondary and primary which is all financed from taxes.

“We provide primary health care free to children under the age of five and to all pregnant women, and all senior citizens above the age of 70 get free health care, all from taxation.”

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