Falz agrees with Albert Obazee that youths should get their PVCs ready for 2023

  • Sun Nov 01 2020


Popular rapper, lawyer and activist Falz, has come in agreement with the CT boss Albert Obazee who is another advocate of the youth that the youths should prepare themselves and get their permanent voters cards(PVCs) ready for 2023 presidential election and take advantage of the new found unity amongst the youth————-Albert Obazee had maintained that only with our PVCs can we bring about the needed change in our Government, he has suggested this since the #EndSARS protest took another twist where hoodlums and thugs took over and embark on some sort of violence and misconducts across the state, foiling the genuine protester’s efforts———-Albert Obazee said if bad leadership and Godfathers can be annihilated in Edo State from the Edo election, Such gesture can be replicated in the federation. So he advised that instead of going into a war and destroying our country, we should get our PVCs ready to retire the old political class permanently.———This is the same line of thought Falz has agreed on.. He has charged all the youths to go register and get their PVCs ready... In his word according to punch newspapers” ——— “As we are approaching 2023, it is important for us to start getting ready. It would be a big year for our future. It is important to start getting our permanent voter cards. A lot of people don’t understand certain things like the process for recalling an elected official. For example, if somebody who is representing you in the National Assembly is not doing what the constituents want, you have the power to remove him. The power of the people is greater than the people in power. We need to work more closely with one another,” he said. ———He also advised the youth to discard all the religious and tribal colorations and speak in one voice. He said it’s time to bring intelligent, young and vibrant leadership.

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  • Godswill

    Yes we should get our PVCs ready, but the the same time we should bring out charismatic, focused, and competent youth who can bring about a positive leadership.

    Amb vicky Larg

    Albert Obazee remain consistent and also an Ambassador of Good governance

    Juliet Omoikhudu

    I am 100% in support, let’s come together in unity to fight our corrupt leaders. The only way we can do this, is our PVC and unity. Please let’s speak in one voice, enough is enough my future leaders. I remain your humble mama Ireland 🇮🇪 in Dublin.

    Anani eric igbenumah

    2023 is the only pvc we can get good governance

    Anani eric igbenumah

    2023 is the only pvc we can get good governance

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