Lizzy Mocks Her Former Friend Toyin Abraham

  • Wed Oct 14 2020


Just a year ago, Liz Anjorin and Toyin Abraham had one of the biggest feet in the yoruba movie industry. It is reported that yoruba actress Liz Anjorin shades her colleague Toyin Abraham yet again, and mocks her recent achievements. As we all know Toyin Abraham's recent movie FATE OF ALAKADA has been showing in the cinemas, across the nation since on the 1st of October before the protest. And she has been sharing the progress of this movie, on her social media platform. And Liz Anjorin took to her social media platform, to address all those reports, and to also shades Toyin along. As she said, almost sold out lawa bayi...Ariwo Koni music good products not dey tay for ground. It was just in July that Toyin Abraham took to her YouTube channel, to talk about Forgiveness, a topic many people felt it's a way of addressing the long-standing quarrel between herself and Liz anjorin. These two actresses, Toyin Abraham, and Liz Anjorin we're at each other throat last year, to the full shock of their fans. The situation at one point got to both of them calling each other names. These actresses who were once good friends, engaged in a messy social media scrabble for days. Lizzy Anjorin didn't congratulate Toyin when she had her baby, in retaliation, Toyin also did not congratulate Lizzy on her marriage to Lateef Lawal. However, it was a week after his that she spoke about forgiveness. Unlike most celebrities rivalries, Liz anjorin and toyin Abraham beef was well known in the Nollywood industry and all over social media platforms. However, Toyin Abraham spoke up and said she is learning to forgive because she is not a witch neither is she a wizard. She also used these to advise her fans on forgiveness. This was what she wrote, Learn to forgive, you are not a witch or wizard. Forgive and forget. Talk the phone, dial the number, and tell the person that you've forgiven him/her. You can forgive and not be close to the person. People will hurt you, learn to forgive, do not hold grudges. Going through life and expecting people not to hurt you is an illusion, when you refuse to forgive, you do not have more peace, you have pain. In several Instagram post, Lizzy anjorin a ledge that toyin opened multiple accounts to troll her and attack her colleagues in the industry, she also tagged her a liar and said toyin leaked damaging reports about her to bloggers. In response, to this toyin, Abraham expressed her shock that Lizzy mentioned her name in the journal, even though the account which attacked her belonged to a fan.

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