Don’t rely on we celebrities to speak for you, when you were voting on BBNaija nobody helped you—Tiwa

  • Thu Oct 08 2020


Nigerian female singer Tiwa savage who joined the EndSARS protest today in Lagos had a piece of advice for Nigerians who seem to put so much pressure on celebrities to add their voices against injustices like the unfair treatment by the security operatives in the country . Tiwa said Nigerians seems to be paying more attention on enjoyment and entertainment than what’s really important to them. In her words, “This is serious, this isn’t the time to joke. Nigerian youths, you guys need to wakeup, there are people out there that have lost children to this thing. “This is why they don’t take us serious, they think Nigerian youths are lazy, and all we want to do is just ‘Jaiye’. Do you want to die a joke? “You don’t have to rely on celebrities, you did not need celebrities when you guys were voting on big brother, we can all do this, we all need each other.”

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