Bbnaija:See the amount each housemate got from the Indomie Noodles cooking Task

  • Tue Aug 25 2020


Apart from the 85 Million grand price of the Big Brother Naija, housemates also look forward to various tasks from brands and today's task challenge in the house was from Indomie and I would be telling you how it all went down incase you missed it. 14 housemates grouped in teams of two for the task in which they are received a personalized package from Indomie which had their pictures on it. The group pairing for the Indomie task! Wathoni x Kiddwaya Tolanibaj x Trikytee Lucy x Ozo Prince x Nengi Brighto x Vee Laycon x Dora Neo x Erica The first task was to hunt for ingredients which was provided from a big prop pot of Indomie which would be exchanged with real ones. After picking various ingredients that fit their style, the Housemates were divided into batches of two, teams each. They were given 30minutes to cook after which each batch is through, they dressed in their traditional attire and proceed to the arena. Each team member will judge how well the other person interpreted his cultural meal. In each team, the partners are to exchange special ingredients, so they cooked their partners individual cultural delicacy and also demonstrate a part of their culture while presenting their food. Batch A (Team 1 and 2) started the cooking consisting of Erica X Neo and Kiddwaya X Wathoni Batch B (Team 3 and 4) consisting of TolaniBaj X Trickytee and Lucy X Ozo Batch C (Team 5 and 6) with the likes of Laycon X Dorath and Prince X Nengi The last Batch D (Team 7) had Brighto X Vee Biggie commends the housemates for completing their task. They read out the scores they gave their team mates. Kidd 10 Wathoni 7 Erica 10 Neo 10 Lucy 10 Ozo 10 Trikytee 9 Tolanibaj 10 Dora 9 Laycon 10 Prince 9 Nengi 10 Brighto 7 Vee 6 The entire house wins a cash prize of 4 million naira!! Congratulations to the housemates! Biggie changes the scores they gave their partners to their own. The cash will however not be shared equally. The housemate who scores higher gets the greater percentage & vice versa. Biggie proceeds to share the money for them and this was what each housemates got below Team 1 (Wathoni 335k, Kiddwaya 235k) Team 2 ( 285,000 for both Erica and Neo) Team 4 (TolaniBaj 270,000 Trickytee 300,000) Team 5 (Laycon 270,000 and Dorathy 300,000) Team 6 (Nengi 270,000 and Prince 300,000) Team 7 (Brighto 264,000 and Vee 306,000)

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