Ozo has taken his situationship matters to his bestie again, Dorathy

  • Sun Aug 09 2020


Ozo has taken his situationship matters to his bestie again, Dorathy

Both housemates who are currently enjoying the head of house luxury apartment talk almost every night before falling asleep, and most of their conversations are all about the beautiful housemate who has been keeping the guys in the house on their toes.

Fans seem not to understand these two, Ozo and Nengi anymore, this minute they are seen holding hands, hugging and playing with each other, the next minute they start keeping distance.

Nengi has been dragged severally on social media platforms for leading Ozo on in their first weeks into the show but now torturing him and playing with his feelings.

Nengi gets mad at him over little things he does and this has been making him look foolish and senseless in the eyes of the viewers.

After the party, last night Ozo reported Nengi to Dorathy, said Nengi is mad and angry with him because of the speech about her on his birthday and complained that he used short words for her while talking about his fellow housemates.

Ozo also said he doesn't understand her and doesn't know if she wants him to walk with his head instead of his legs before she gets satisfied.

Before this, Nengi showed she's really angry when Ozo was giving her a neck massage and she took his hands off her body, placed Kiddwaya's legs on her laps.


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